Zaanse Schans

I got to bring my parents and two brothers to Zaanse Schans. This is a tourist destination. Great chance to get a complete sampling of traditional Holland. The first thing you notice one you park your car is a horizon lined with windmills and canals.

We first walked into a shop with cheese making on display. It was fun to see some traditional costumes too. Dutch cheese is categorized by age.

More windmills pictures!

Entering the park is free, but you can pay to tour the working windmills. There was not enough wind to get the mills going that day. We did find some good hot chocolate (and cookies, of course, though!)

We also enjoyed touring a clog museum, but I forgot to take pictures!

Here’s the Dutch flag.

Next we traversed a tiny neighborhood with canals and bridges in place of cars (tiny as in a few houses.) But now for a weighty confession. I envy Rick Steves. He has the best job ever traveling the world spouting off his favorite parts of the journey. When I actually read his guides I find them quite brilliant-I just don’t like the idea of someone tellIng me what I will enjoy as individual tastes vary greatly. I’m sure much work goes in behind the scenes….but here is my cheesy, silly version of wanting to be him-with zero preparation. Haha

Cheese comes from Holland.

Here is the first Albert Heijn store in Holland (main grocery store chain).

And on our way home we drove through the little town of Markem too. (Fastest route but we found out a little too late that cars aren’t permitted on the narrow pedestrian walkway along the water- oops.)

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