Tulip Fields April 22

Our family decided to go see the Flower Parade. On our way to finding a good viewing location (there are many great options on the 42 kilometer route-only trick is to avoid some road closures), we decided to stop to see a a flower field near Keukenhof.

I loved getting pictures of not just the flowers, but also the people I love in the beautiful flowers! The colors were spectacular in the sunshine, and like I said, I love these people!

These tulips were very mature, but that filled the fields with so much color! The huge petals were gaping open.

Daddy and Claire were the first ones to venture into the fields.


Claire chose to explore the pink flowers. She carried her lovely dandelion for most of the way!DSC_6953DSC_6956DSC_6970DSC_6971DSC_6972

Madison chose to explore the red and pink flowers. She loves both colors!


With a spring in her step!


This girl knows how to be gentle and careful with nature and animals.


The boys had a good run through the massive fields!


Next up, James was happy to take a “primary colors” shot.


Sweet boy!



Then we lost James…


Rob was looking especially handsome in the fields today! I think this should be his new work picture. He looks like a Holland man! 🙂




Mama’s turn in the flowers.


I kind of dream of swimming through these…


With my baby boy.


I think he fits in pretty well in Holland too if I don’t say so myself!


Love the developed confidence I have seen him show lately, making Dutch friends, speaking Dutch and participating in Dutch-sponsored activities with heart.


One last stroll…

DSC_7036We noticed a new color on the fields while finishing our drive. This beautiful deep purple! Hoping to see more of that in the coming weeks!


So thankful flower season is not finished yet! We have not gotten enough!

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