Keukenhof in Two Hours

We did Keukenhof the first day my family arrived. We had two hours. We made it though. I just wanted to share our tour!

We came in the main entrance, where there are planter boxes of tulips that have been brought in.

We made a left. Our first stop was this walled in area of flower beds separated by short hedges, pavers, and flat trees.

Next we went along the southeast edge of the park.

Hyacinths are filling in where the crocuses left off.


Next we ventured in the the wild flower area. There were gorgeous trails, bridges, stepping stones, and lookout points to explore.

We passed through a wood themed area and on to the lake!

The cute lake had several pairs of swans.

We wound our way down unpredictable paths from the southwest corner near the lake to the center of the park.

At the center of the park there is a huge indoor pavilion. I could spend days looking through it.

Huge tulips.

Outside the norwest corner of the pavilion there is a cute children’s area with the Dutch story book bunny character, Miffy.

We then wound our way through trails to the Orchid house.

View outside of the orchid building/walk to wind mill.

Our cute crew.

There were some fun themed areas, a playground, field lookout points and animals on our way out. We made it just in time for closing.


Did it take two hours to read this??

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