Quick Stop in Dublin

Sunday I woke up to a fun surprise, it was Mother’s Day in Ireland! The hotel buffet breakfast made for a lovely start to the day!

And I had the cutest breakfast date!

We went to church, which was held in a small office building room. There were 48 people. The talks were all about mothers and the moms all got chocolate…so of course it was fabulous! Young missionaries gave the talks about their own moms-heart warming.

We had hoped to drive through Connemara National Park, but extra time was not on our side this trip. Instead we went straight from Galway to Dublin. We “TripAdvisor’ed” a popular restaurant and strolled the area.

We tried to order some traditional foods:

We were the most photogenic ever in these pictures. The food was not our favorite. *sorrybeinghonest* but I’m sure there are better places to try. This one may have been more tourist focused. The pub we saw the day before looked amazing!! Here are a few pictures on our stroll back to the car.

No lucky clovers this time, but James did find a lucky coin!

I was sad I wasn’t allowed to stop for souvenirs for my Irish baby friends due to an already boarding plane on arrival at the airport. Sniff!

If I got to go back to Ireland, I’d explore the south next time! Let’s see if there is time!!!

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