The Cliffs of Moher

When we got closer to the Cliffs, it was nice to see the area so natural and not over-run by tourism. The area surrounding the parking lot is expansive green fields.

The visitor center and a handful of gift shops are even hidden in the hills (which have thatched roofs and your children should not play up there. Don’t ask how I know that.)

We are so content to find curbs to balance on around Europe. How happy we will be to find those exist back home too :).

Because she’s so cute, here’s more.

Starting to take in the scenery.

And up we go. Grateful the path we had chosen (up to the right) had a protective wall the entire way.

First impression.

Castle on the cliff.

Panorama of both sides.

Great view of the Cliffs from the castle.


The children’s impressions…

So glad this guy likes adventure!  

The kids adored playing hide and go seek around the castle.

View out to the right of the castle.

The soft green.

Rob was amazing and ran up on top of the Cliffs to bring us back the view through pictures.

He got this shot looking across at the castle.

After savoring this experience, which had inspired our trip, we drove up the Wild Atlantic Way to Galway. The first part of the drive cottages nestled in rolling hills along a narrow, windy road over looking the water. Then, a warm sunset over unusually bright blue water. 

Finally, a very rocky terrain. We figured out where the rock used to make stone walls everywhere could be coming from. 

(No time or space on the narrow road to stop for more proper pictures en route.) The road grew increasingly narrow and we were grateful to reach the hotel in Galway before it got too dark!

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