Keukenhof Opening

Ok, I don’t want to miss a beat on the tulip experience here! I went the day before opening to scope out the fields. I won’t lie, I felt disappointed! The fields all looked contrived-with few blooms. Hard to appreciate individual flowers when they are lost in a crowd of many others. I think I’ll get over this initial impression, but I kind of do like nature in the wild.

Knowing I needed to give it more of a chance, I decided to sneak to Keukenhof for a few minutes on opening morning! I got the season pass. It was fun to enter the park with many other wide-eyed tourists. Either the first tour buses were organized groups from China or the Chinese are just the most on the ball tourists…but it was cool I could understand what everyone around me was saying for once-with my Chinese background. Very fun!

On day one you can tell that there is so much in store. Many tulips in the works. There are not leaves on the trees yet. I enjoyed the scerenity-as in much of the park I found myself wandering solo. (I did get busted for jogging-not allowed). You can tell they are trying to make up for the fact that the flowers are largely not ready with planter boxes and pots of tulips brought in to the more bare spaces.

Keukenhof is lovely. Part of me has to fight a small critique of it feeling cliché. (I rather love surprises and exploring the unknown). But serious respect for keeping this place pristine!! Not a weed in the park! Not a blade of grass amiss. At least on opening day. 🙂

There were also some cute special exhibits that were rather Dutch I should say!

Newsflash: you can’t see all of it in 40 minutes (especially when you are not allowed to jog!). So, I will be back. With a full phone camera battery to boot!

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