Naturally Sweden

Thankful for our rental car, we got off the beaten path for a taste of the pretty islands we saw on our Archipelago cruise. We drove through the prettiest forested area.

Can’t get enough of the cute red and white houses.

My target location was near Tyresta National Park. Stockholm is known for not only its islands, but the close forested regions. Tyresta is Stockholm’s closest national park. This was one of the only places I could find to stay in my target region. We ended up farther than I originally hoped, but it turned out to be a real gem of a place. Like, I wish we could go back every year for family reunions type of place. Great to experience a small sample of the Archipelago first hand!

Only see space for four? That’s because Europe is for families of four. Just a fact. Luckily there was a fancy couch this time! This place oozed with charm though!! I reserved an hour in the jacuzzi by the lake at night for Rob. He deserved some rest and relaxation!

Dinner was Swedish! Meatballs for the kids, fish was strongly recommended for the adults. I’m pretty sure the caught it out front. Spectacular!!!

Views off the porch in the morning.


Dream kitchen: windows, view, large island, fun juicer!


And the drive to the National Park was beautiful.

Another reason we went off the beaten path was I planned activities so we would be able to get to church Sunday morning. Rob and I both have Swedish ancestors who made sacrifices for the Mormon church. I was thinking how much it would mean to them to see this loving, thriving congregation in modern-day Sweden. It sure meant a lot to me and the people were so warm-felt like being with family for that short time. A missionary interpreted for us and he did a great job!

Oh, and did we end up at Tyresta? Nope! We run out of time for some things on these two-day adventures! But the outside looked nice and the kids were ok passing on hikes by this point! 🙂

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