Vasa Museum, Stockholm

The Vasa Museum was a short scenic walk from our boat.

The Vasa Museum houses…the Vasa! Which essentially fits. There is a model mast on top of the building exterior which shows how tall the boat would have looked from the water. (Sorry, forgot a picture.)
This wooden boat is a historical treasure! The king wanted the boat to be a bit larger than his archetects thought would be sound. It sunk on its maiden voyage and was lost. Three hundred years later the ship was discovered and it had been miraculously preserved in its tragic sea burial.

It’s difficult to capture the ship in a photo.

Thank you professional photographer online.

Example of detailed carvings adorning the ship.

The Vasa was a very colorful boat. Here are the vivid-colored paints used.

View of the deck with me matey.

And, a model in the gift shop.

It’s fun to go back in time with experiences like this!

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