Stockholm Archepelago

Since Daddy travels, we decided to meet him when he was done with his work inStockholm late Friday night. Very late. Yes, they slept. We were all excited to come, as the girls each have a couple close friends from Sweden and each person in our family is 1/4 Swedish!

We rolled into an airport hotel and got ourselves up the next morning for a quick swim and a divine breakfast.

If you like croissants, Europe is your jam. They are always there. (We even make our own fresh!)

We rented a car for flexibility (even though the express train to Stockholm is speedy). Lots of pretty pine trees along our drive. They reminded me of cute Christmas trees. No wonder the kids started caroling haha. 🙂

First matter of business, get in the snow.

Then, we took a 3-hour boat ride through Stockholm’s Archepelago (300,000 islands). During the summer you can take a longer ride and get off on the islands. I dressed the kids very warmly, and everyone ended up being hot!! Gorgeous day!!!!!

There was the option to have a lovely brunch buffet inside, but our huge hotel breakfast was still being digested!  We started our ride on the top of the ship.

We enjoyed listening to the tour guide point out the flag that has flown since Sweden became free 200 years ago. There was little left of the flag, but how significant the symbol!

The guide pointed out significant islands, including a very small island called Danish Island that is for sale for 65 million. (Maybe less in Swedish currency.)

The guide discussed that Sweden used to be a very poor country and many left to find opportunity elsewhere. Now people are moving to Sweden from around the world due to its prosperity. The cabins here were originally provided for low-income single mothers to have a place to go on holiday with their kids.

Half way to our turn around point, we discovered that the seating on the sides of the boat had a more accessible view. Got down there just in time to hear the beautiful chime like sound of sliding through these ice pieces.


There was much to enjoy on our tour: beautiful cottages (red and white is the classic look), magestic pine trees, deep blue water, and clear skies to match!



Our turn around point: Vaxholm.

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