New Year’s Eve: Delft, The Hague, Leiden

We started the day by going to see some hand-painted pottery in Delft. There is a paid-tour of the Royal Delft Factory. There is also a free tour at De Delftse Pauw. We did the latter this time. You get to learn about the process and see the painting. There is the traditional blue and white as well as colorful pottery. Madison loved the colorful stuff!

Hand painted Delft ware is rather pricey. This small box was Madison’s favorite, but we settled for a picture this time.

We found a store carrying some other cute options.


Fun lunch in the Hague.

We toured Pieterskerk in Leiden. The Pilgrims worshiped here during the 10 years they were en-route from England to America. The Netherlands has ever been known as a tolerant haven. This “mannequin challenge” happened right outside the church.

The local fare. Meat and potatoes.


Magic tricks with Uncle.

And, there are serious fireworks in the Netherlands on New Year’s Eve! These were right out our window in a residential neighborhood. They went strong until 2:00 am.

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