Beautiful Bruges Belgium

First matter of business in Bruges: hot chocolate! Because: Belgian Chocolate. It was good! This city is lovely, like right out of a story book. And, you can tell it’s great, because lots of other people have come too. I love tourists though.

Model family members make a beautiful place look even better!

The Markt had a Christmas market!

Claire climbed with Dad, Dave, Rob and I to the top of the Belfort! (Bell tower) Entirely on her own! Go girl! 🙂

The in-workings of the bells.

It was worth the view, right Claire?

Can you see Burg Square?

They were probably laughing at something that didn’t have much to do with Berg Square. Just enjoying being kids and happen to have a gorgeous building in the backdrop. 🙂

Between the two squares is a legit amazing waffle take-away shop that I’m not kidding around was so good. No pictures because we too busy devouring. And, just a few shops down was a Kathe Wohlfahrt Christmas shop. Win-win. If only it weren’t so expensive! Great place to window shop and drool.

Pretty sure I’d be happy to repeat this visit!

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