Christmas and a Night in Ghent

We loved having our family in town for Christmas! Of course no Christmas morning is complete without a Skype call with loved ones around the globe. We got to Skype with my brother Andrew was was finishing up a two year mission to Taiwan.

Christmas morning. Santa did come. We didn’t know what to expect because Sinterklaas had already come earlier in the month! Maybe I will share about him next December! 🙂

Sunday best after a morning church service. This time church was in Dutch and there was a translation service. The girls are wearing beautiful dresses designed and handmade by Kate and David of Kleid and Blume! We love them! (The kids and their cute clothes!)

After we wrapped up Christmas celebrations we hopped in the car and headed for a couple days in Belgium. We arrived at our hotel in Ghent just as it had gotten dark. We walked out of the hotel and were all mesmerized by the beautiful town all lit up and decorated for Christmas!

Gravensteen Castle

There was an adorable Christmas market with several rides.We ate at pizza hut of course. 🙂

We were amazed by the grandeur of the cathedrals in this medieval city that grew to be the largest north of the Alps after Paris by the 1300s. A real treat to stroll around.

And, everything is more fun with Uncle Ben!

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