Amsterdam with the Fam

My parents and brother Ben joined our fun Christmas in Holland party! Our first stop was the Ann Frank House. We were lucky to get our tickets in advance! Actually, we reserved our places and then bought a Museum Card. You can go to 400 museums in the Netherlands with the card!

The kids loved seeing the hidden entrance behind the bookshelf. It was amazing to see the inside of this house and realize how hard this was in so many ways. One was the fact that it would be so hard for a child to be so still and have no sunlight for so long. I was also inspired by her father and his love for his family. He did so much to ensure their protection for as long as possible. Also those store clerks who were faithful to the family.

Fuzzy picture, but it was fun to get dinner at the food court, Foodhallen.  Delicious cuisine from many countries is represented, as is typical in the Netherlands. Something for everyone.

Last but not least, we went on a night canal ride to see the holiday lights. The best artists were selected to display their glowing creations. We began near Central Station.

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