Munich at Christmas

We started our Munich day at the Deutsches Museum: the world’s largest science and technology museum. It was big. There are many important scientific items there. Our kids were not hugely entertained. There is a “Kids Kingdom” children’s area with this large guitar they can climb inside and play, blocks and a hands-on display on light refraction. They especially love the pulleys they could play on and learn from (I thought this part of the learning experience was very valuable). From a kids perspective, I will honestly say there are several museums they have been to that are more “fun.” This kids area seemed small. I think have been spoiled in the past! I think this museum might appeal more to a more mature, scientifically-experienced audience.

However, the mining exhibit was AMAZING! It keeps going and going and going and by the time you come out you have definitely seen all things mining. It is feels very realistic–like you are traveling through real mines throughout time. There was also a show on electricity that was very large and old and scary! I think it traumatized Belle. It was even more scary because it was in another language (German) and you had no idea what kind of very loud or flashy electric display would happen next!!

At night we headed to Marienplatz, for the Christmas Market, of course! There was definitely excitement in the air. Such a fun, magical place to be at Christmas.

The large tree, the square, the shops were all decorated so cute. There were performers singing carols. The crepes with Nutella were amazing. I even let the kids pick out some small ornaments, a puppet, and a snowglobe in the shops for Christmas that will be fun keepsakes. (The boys were collecting Pokemon keepsakes).:)

The hot dogs here were a hit. (Sorry, I don’t know the particular type they were, the kids were just happy to find food!)

It was one of those experiences where you are surrounded by people taking pictures. Fun to take in the world with a bunch of other people taking in the world, in my opinion! 🙂 It seems to happen at special places!

So many cute ornaments! 🙂

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