Salzburg by Day

After a yummy organic breakfast (a place we found quickly on TripAdvisor), we went for a sunny walk around Mirabell gardens. The kids loved watching The Sound of Music when we returned to discover they played in the same places as the movie characters. (The characters only wished they had the modern playground by the palace as well!)

Riding a unicorn is always a fun idea.

There may or may not be a snow ball in the works here.

On our way out of town, Rob was a dear and kept the kids in the car for a few minutes while I ran to do a couple errands (because no parking!). I went to find traditional dresses for the girls and also came across these gorgeous, real ornament eggs. They were so pretty, but I was pretty sure they would not survive. Maybe someday.

The dresses I found for half off. But, when do you where dresses like this?? That is the question!! 🙂

Rob loved seeing Salzburg Fortress up on the hill.

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