Salzburg Holiday Evening 

We drove from Hallstatt to Salzburg and were welcomed to town with a light dusting of snow. Although it was already dark, we ventured out to see Salzburg at Christmas time.

First snow of the year.

There was a mini Christmas market near our hotel and Mirabell Palace, but we continued on for the big market. Donut stop.

Stopped by Mozart’s house for a picture on our way. We enjoyed his famous chocolates, but enjoyed sharing them with people who had lived in Austria and appreciated them even more.These hanging lights were all over town. Loved hearing Christmas music in the air, played by a man on his violin.

This Christmas market was really pretty. Beautiful architecture as a backdrop. Atmosphere was amazing. Shops were fun to look at but we didn’t buy anything here. We did get hot dogs…but since we didn’t order very clearly, they all came out with mustard, which no one in our family likes. James really enjoyed that we shared the hot dogs with some people on the bridge who were very appreciative of a warm hot dog on a cold night. He used this story in his church talk on *gratitude* later on.

And, for anyone wondering, Pokemon is alive and well in Salzburg!

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