Halstatt was a dream. We started our day by visiting an English-speaking church in Munich en-route to Austria. Finding an occasional English-speaking congregation is a reminder of how lucky we are in Holland to have many we can communicate with in English–at church, school and in the community. Makes the adjustment much easier.

Right when we arrived, we took this family picture. The scenery was breathtaking. We decided to visit Hallstatt after seeing it listed as a beautiful place online as well as hearing from a friend who recently visited and enjoyed the experience.

The air felt very fresh and clean.

Rob parked the car outside of the little lake side village, and we wandered our way inside.

We basically took pictures, walked into the town center, took pictures, got lunch at a cute place looking out at the lake, took pictures, stopped in the gift shop to admire rocks for a very long time (Hallstatt has long been a mining town. Would be so fun to tour the mines in the summer. Fools gold was the favorite among our crew. Huge debate over whether to buy some was won by Dad who found it cheaper on Amazon, order still pending. We even ran into our friend in that gift shop.), took more pictures, admired all the lanterns that began to glow, and walked out of that cute town. The day was short, sweet, and delightful.

It was very fun to see Christmas decorations, as well as a large nativity in the town center.One of my favorite stops so far!

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