My Discoveries in the Netherlands

Okay, back to the last post. An additional reason I am recording this experience like crazy, is that I lost all of my pictures from the first three months!!!

So, here are some things I have learned about living in the Netherlands without pictures.

  • Everything is cute. Before I came I saw pictures of row houses along a canal. I thought that must be the “cute neighborhood” of the Netherlands. Many cities have the darling stretch of architecture you see pictured every time: Stockholm and Bergen are examples. Wake up call: cute areas like that are EVERYWHERE here!
  • Kids are allowed and encouraged to have fun! The kids are independent as they get to bike everywhere! There are really fun playgrounds and play places with less restriction.
  • There are canals EVERYWHERE. So swim lessons are a must, and they are intense.
  • The food is eclectic. You find a bit of everything. But the Dutch eat for sustenance. Thus, meat and potatoes can be found! And stroopwaffles. You get cookies and sprinkles in abundance. 🙂 The mini-pancakes: poffertjes are good, and this is the first word you should learn in Dutch.
  • Everyone speaks English! Not only can they, but they do so willingly! Bless their hearts!
  • Everyone will tell you it’s so cold. This wet cold. Newsflash, if you are from the Midwest, it is not cold! 🙂 It stays green all winter. I even have some flowers that stayed alive outside all winter, even in the snow!
  • Amsterdam is a great travel hub. It’s easy to get around Europe from here and you can find some great travel deals. So, I will be sharing some of our adventures on here!

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